Ysgol Ger y Llan, Letterston


In Letterston School I worked with eleven educationally challenged boys to make a window for their school on an underwater theme. All the boys were identified as “under achieving” in the education system, and have low literacy levels.
The pupils were engaged in a hands-on way and enabled to design, cut, paint and fuse glass and make their mark on their school environment in a positive way.
Poet and writer Damian Walford Davies worked with me to enable the children to link words with their underwater theme and he wrote a line of poetry in English and Welsh which was taken from the pupil’s inspirations. The line of poetry is sandblasted into the background to the piece.
This project shows the power of creative engagement with glass to enable individual children to learn new skills, to work as a team and to gain self esteem, and ultimately to produce a piece of artwork which they are extremely proud of and which demonstrates their contribution to their community.
Ysgol Ger y Llan, Letterston

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