I have always maintained a lively, community and education practice alongside developing my own studio work and have over 30 years’ experience of initiating art projects with children and vulnerable adults in schools and in the community. I am passionate about collaborating with learners and teachers to use art as a creative learning tool across the curriculum to develop exciting new approaches to learning.

I am one of a number of artists across Wales who is on a list compiled by The Arts Council of Wales of artists available to work as a Creative Practitioner under the Lead Creative Schools Scheme. I am familiar with the aims, objectives and requirements of this programme, and with the pedagogy underpinning it, and  I am able to work with learners, and teachers to devise creative learning programmes using visual art.


I am experienced at employing many different visual art media in my creative learning work, such as glass (painted, fused, sandblasted and slumped), cyanotype (an early photographic process using potassium salts to produce images), iPhoneography, screen printing, ceramic decal work and painting. On a creative learning project I will work with the Project Co-ordinator, Creative Agent, teachers and pupils to decide which medium is most appropriate to address the learning needs of the group. All the media I use are perfect for using across the curriculum, for instance producing a piece of kiln formed glass involves learners in practical chemistry, maths and physics, while making cyanotypes or ceramic decals involves maths, chemistry and IT skills. I am passionate about the power of creative engagement to enable individuals to learn new skills, to work as a team, to gain self esteem, and along the way to produce a piece of artwork which they are extremely proud of and which is concrete evidence of their learning skills.

In particular I have found that glass is a transformative medium to use in the classroom and community settings. Working with glass is a craft, it is practical, involves using some tools and a kiln and can appeal to people who are interested in tools as well as those more responsive to a traditionally artistic approach.

I have a full DBS check and specialise in working with children who are hard to reach, those with additional learning needs and vulnerable adults. As a Welsh learner, I am able to work through the medium of English and Welsh.

In addition to creative learning experiences, I can offer one day and taster workshops as well as larger architectural commissions and projects made in collaboration with pupils or members of the community. In 2013 I worked with eleven educationally challenged pupils from Ysgol Ger y Llan, Letterston to make a window for their school. Earlier this year I completed a project working with 180 children aged 8 to 11 at Narberth School to make a traditional Pembrokeshire quilt in glass on the theme of food and farming. I can also offer inservice training days for teachers and other staff members.

I am currently developing a community glass quilt with people of all ages at Narberth Museum.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how I could work with your school or community group, please email me.


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